Yaraslau I. Kot

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Yaraslau I. Kot

PhD, MBA, MPsy

Yaraslau I. Kot, PhD, MBA, MPsy. Larper since 1996. Game designer and researcher. Was part of hundreds larp projects around the world. Coowner of Law and tax firm Business Advisers;Senior lecturer of Belarusian State University; Research Fellow and game expert of National Institute of Education of the Ministry of Education of Republic of Belarus; is the Head of LARP, Social Mission at Business School IPM; serves as one of Directors for the Medical charity organization “Medicine and Chernobyl” and Trustee for the charity “Independent Children’s Aid”, etc. organizer and participant of numerous international larp related projects, research projects and events. He applies larp methodology for education, therapy, rehabilitation, corporate training, crime investigation, research and entertainment.

Coowner of larp company Heroes Guild;

Member and cofounder of International Larp Academy

Head organizer of annual International Larp Academy Conference (ILAC)

Head of BelGameDev,

Cofounder of Central and East European Games Awards

Coauthor editor or contributor of over 100 books and articles about larp. Among them:

States of Play.

Branches of Play

Wyrd Con Companion 2012

Wyrd Con Companion 2012, revised edition

Crossing Theoretical Borders

Crossing Habitual Borders

KoLa Book 2013

Wyrd Con Companion Book 2013

Nordic-Russian Larp Dialogue

Kola Book 2014

The Cutting Edge of Nordic Larp

LARP thought, word and deed

Larp as a social tool

Shuffling the Deck

Role-Playing Game Studies: Transmedia Foundations

Imagine This. The Transformative Power of Edu-Larp in Corporate Training and Assessment

The Larpwriter Summer School Collection