Knutepunkt 2013

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Knutepunkt 2013

Knutepunkt 2013 was a Knutepunkt-conference held in the [Haraldvangen kurs og konferansesenter] next to the lake Hurdalsjøen Norway April 18–21, 2013 (2013-04-18 – 2013-04-21).

308 participants came from 22 countries.

Publication - The official Knutepunkt book series

The official Knutepunkt books series of Knutepunkt 2013

For the conference, a compilation of four Knutepunkt-books was published as The official book series of Knutepunkt 2013. They were edited by Karete Jacobsen Meland and Katrine Øverlie Svela, and cover and illustrations were made by graphic designer Rebecca Egebjerg.



91 out of 308 registered participants had not been to Knutepunkt before.


150 participants were under the age of 30.

88 were 25 or younger.

14 participants were 20 years or younger.

Visiting countries

Participants from 22 countries.

Country Participants
Belarus 10
Bulgaria 2
Czech Republic 8
Denmark 47
Finland 33
France 9
Germany 15
Greece 2
Ireland 1
Israel 1
Italy 1
Latvia 1
Netherlands 7
Norway 84
Palestine 8
Poland 1
Portugal 1
Russia 6
Slovakia 3
Sweden 53
United Kingdom 2
United States 12


The program featured panels, talks, discussion, workshops, larps and other items. You can read the program pdf here.

A Week in Norway

Prior to the conference A Week in Norway was held 15th-18th April. Activities included larps by participants of the Larp Exchange Academy and others designers, workshops, and Nordic Larp Talks.


Irene Tanke (head organizer), Martin Nielsen (vice head organizer) Elin Nilsen (program) Tor Kjetil Edland (practical) Ståle Askerød Johansen (information) Magnar Grønvik Müller (funding) Ane Marie Anderson (Week in) Frida Sofie Jansen (potato)

Karete Jacobsen Meland (book) Katrine Øverlie Svela (book) Trine Lise Lindahl (Nordic Larp Talks)

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