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Hanne Grasmo
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Years active1992-2020

Hanne Grasmo (1966) is a larp designer and organizer from Norway. Her focus as a designer has been in experimental and avant-garde work, although she is probably best known as one of the creators of Just a Little Lovin' and other work relating to larp, sexuality and gender. As one of the organisers of the first Knutepunkt conference in 1997, she has been a founding presence in the entirety of Nordic larp discourse as we know it today.

She has a background as teacher and theatre instructor and holds a master in Sociology. Currently she is working on a PhD in Game Culture Studies (Tampere University, Finland) about Role-play and Sexual Arousal.

Larps[edit | edit source]

Larpwright (designer/co-designer)[edit | edit source]

  • Magi bak hvert hushjørne
  • Nådestøt
  • Blackout
  • Sosialfemokratiet
  • AmerikA, 2000. Part of the 1000 year anniversary for Oslo City.
  • Harry Potter Larp for children
  • Harry Potter Detention Camp - for a BDSM camp
  • Just a Little Lovin', 2011
  • Kink & Coffee , 2012, Part of Larp Factory, Oslo, published in Larps from the Factory 2013
  • ArtLarpArt
  • 2028 - who have you become?
  • Månesjøfolket 1993 Nyttårsaften 1993 Juleblot 1995 Bronze Age Ritual, 1996 Sosial femokratiet : Helhetshuset Osiris, 1997 og 1998 (prologer) Magi bak hvert hushjørne, 1998 (del 1 Bygdø folkemuseum, del 2 Fetsund Lensemuseum) 2008 (1998) Volven Spår (1998) Årvoll gård Blackout, 2000, KP I Sverige. AmerikA, 2000 Laiv for Nobel Clinic?? Europa-prolog, 2001 Wa - forrandringer, 2003 Nådestøt, 2005 1 person laiv Harry Potter – skolelaiv  2000 Harry Potter – summer detention camp 2002 Just a little lovin’ (2011) Kink & Coffee (2012, 2014) ArtLarpArtt (2016, 2017: Solmukohta, Oslo) Brødre i blekket – redesign (2016) Play the Cards of Skam (2017) 2029 – who will you be (2019) The Subject (2019)

Additional Design[edit | edit source]

Character Writing[edit | edit source]

Lectures[edit | edit source]

  • The last 20 years she has held a multitude of workshops and lectures about body-work, gender and methods of playing with sexuality in larps - at Knutepunkt and Prolog and in different larp settings.
  • Key-note at Knutepunkt, Denmark
  • Nordic Larp Talk
  • Paper, Word Assocition for Sexual Health: Sexual arousal in Character

Founder[edit | edit source]

  • Weltschmerz - network for contemporary larps to change our world. (1999 - 2007)

Author[edit | edit source]