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Nathan Hook is a British game and larp designer and academic.


Nathan first became involved in the Nordic scene with contributions to Dragonbane in 2006. He has regularly attended Knutpunkt and Fastaval and written for the Knutpunkt books, until the recent controversy in 2016. Previously he had been involved with the UK larp scene since 1997 and the internatonal Camarilla organisation since 2000. In 2008, Nathan presented 'And Not to Yield,' the first Nordic-style minilarp to be both written and organised in the UK.

Academic background

In 2012, he compeleted MSc Psychological Research Methods with the Open University, UK with a dissertation researching larpers. His dissertation is available as a free download from

Since 2013, Nathan has been a distance PhD student at University of Tampere, Finland, researching identity theory applied to roleplaying in games. In October 2015, he moved to Finland on a fellowship to work full-time on research. He presented his research at Solmokohta 2016.

Scenario publications

Nathan has published 3 scenario books in the Green Book. His books are available online.


In July 2016 several people in larp communities came forth with allegations of abusive behaviour from Nathan which lead to a police report being filed in Finland as well as bans from several groups, larps and events in several countries. Bans from events in the UK remain in place from earlier.

Dziobak Larp Studios ban announcement

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