Crossing Habitual Borders

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Crossing Habitual Borders
KP-2013 Crossing Habitual Borders.png
Published2013 (Fantasiforbundet)

Crossing Habitual Borders, published in 2013, edited by Katrine Øverlie Svela and Karete Jacobsen Meland is one of the four Knutepunkt-books of Knutepunkt 2013. The cover and illustrations are all made by Rebecca Egebjerg.

Crossing Habitual Borders - Trampled by the Herd


This is the part of the book where we try to explore the different ways larping is encouraging us to examine and challenge our own, personal and automatic preconceptions and habits. We do not exist in a vacuum, and neither do our larps. How do we perceive the world? How do we perceive ourselves? What might our larps tell about us, and what kinds of repercussions can they have? In addition to the articles, we wanted the book to reflect other methods of expressing the diverse ways larping might affect us. Therefore, we have included poems submitted by you – both for inspiration and reflection – and we hope that you will enjoy these beautiful contributions as much as we do.



The official Knutepunkt book series

For the conference, a compilation of four Knutepunkt-books was published as The official book series of Knutepunkt 2013. The other three were:

Video presentation

Presentation about the The official book series of Knutepunkt 2013 with the editors, interviewed by Johanna Koljonen at the Nordic Larp Talks 2013.

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