Ane Marie Anderson

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Ane Marie Anderson
Born1989 (age 34–35)
Years active2005–present

Ane Marie Anderson (born 1989) is a Norwegian larper, community builder and co-owner of the Norwegian larp company Alibier. Ane started larping in 2005 and has since then been involved with both organizing larps, and more prominently, developing the larp community and broadening its horizons by being a driving force in several international larp projects, as well as in the Norwegian scene. When not larping, she works in medicine as a doctor, and likes to invite people on stage to read old diaries in the Mortified stage show.

Norwegian larp scene

Ane was part of founding the Norwegian cultural NGO Fantasiforbundet in 2009, an organization that works almost exclusively with larp in different formats. She has worked with several Norwegian initiatives and projects, including the family festival “Midsummer night’s festival” that invited kids to larp on a pirate ship, and the Oslo-based black box festival Grenselandet. She was also one of the initiators in gathering different Norwegian larp communities to establish the Norwegian larp festival Spillerom in 2013/14. There are also whispers that she is part of the secret editorial team for the culture- and debate magazine “Horse with wings”, but the rumors are unconfirmed.

International larp scene

Through Fantasiforbundet Ane has been a key person in the formation and reinforcement of the organizations international bonds with larp organizations in Belarus, Palestine and Lebanon through 2010 until present date. Her projects have a strong component of larp as a tool for building and strengthening civil society, and how larp can be used beyond recreation. She co-wrote the wedding larp ‘Till death do us part, a part of the first partnership between Fantasforbundet and Palestine Peace and Freedom Forum (PFF), and the beginning of the present day Palestinian larp community.

Other examples of her work includes organizing the Larp Excange Academy in 2013, an international project where young larpwriters from different countries created games together, and co-editing “Birth of larp in the Arab world”, a publication showcasing how larp is used as a political and recreational tool in Arabic speaking countries.


In 2013, Ane co-founded Alibier together with Martin Nielsen and Magnar Grønvik Müller. Through Alibier she works with larp as a participatory and educational method together with institutions such as museums, schools, libraries and NGOs. She was also head of the Oslo-division of the children's larp company Tidsreiser's campaign “Eventyrspill” for two years.


Ane has been an active participant in the Knutepunkt-discourse. She was head of A week in Norway in 2013, as well as part of the program committee. In 2015 she was invited as a keynote speaker for Knudepunkt in Denmark with the talk “Sharing your body with your character – the secret ways our bodies control our minds”. Ane is leading the work with Knutepunkt 2017 in Norway.

Professional work

  • Alibier AS, co-founder and chairperson (2013 – )
  • Eventyrspill children's larps, Oslo-branch division coordinator (2012-2014)


Projects and festivals

  • Grenselandet international larp festival, organizing team (2014 – )
  • Children's larps in Rashidieh refugee camp Lebaning, content/documentation (2013-2014)
  • Knutepunkt Norway, program committee (2013)
  • A week in Norway, head organizer (2013)
  • Larp Exchange Academy, organizing team (2013)
  • Beit Byout Palestinian larp festival, organizing team (2013)
  • Look into the future, larp as a medium of expression in Belarus, head organizer (2011-2013)
  • A midsummer night's festival, creative planning and program (2010-2011)


  • Fade to grey, larp design (2011, manuscript in Larps from the Factory (2013))
  • 'Till deat do us part, larp design (2012)


  • President, Fantasiforbundet (2011-2013)
  • Vice president, Fantasiforbundet (2009-2011)