Anne Serup Grove

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Anne Serup Grove
Photo: Thomas Mertz
Years active2005–present

Anne Serup Grove is a service designer focussing on interactions and communication in both the private and public sector. She has for many years been an organiser at Fastaval where she has worked in the Information, first as an infonaut and later as main coordinator of DIY/GDS - the system with which participants partake in the workload of running a larger volunteer event.

Anne has a background in fashion design and a keen interest in costumes and the role costumes play in larp. She is an activist in the field of costume design inclusion, raising awareness around the challenges clothing sizes and cost represent for many larpers. She has lectured on the topic at e.g. Knutepunkts and the Nordic Larp Talks.

Anne was a significant contributor of the 2019 volume Larp Design as its graphic designer, co-editorial team and writer.


  • The Solution (2016)
  • Skyggen af en nørd / Shadow of a nerd (2013)
  • Vrøvl / Gibberish (2012)
  • Arsenik og selvskabskjoler - Arsenic and party dresses (2005)
  • Fastaval (2005-2018) - Information
  • Fastaval (2015-2018) - GDS coordinator
  • Black Box Horsens (2016-2019)
  • Hyggecon (2005-2010)




  • What Do We Do When We Play? - Graphic designer, 2020
  • Rituals of Being, 2020, What Do We Do
  • Building a Fale-Safe, 2020, What Do We Do
  • Fake it and Make (on costumes) 2020, What Do We Do
  • After an Overstep, 2020, What Do We Do
  • Larp Design: Creating Role-play Experiences - Graphics design, project coordinator, 2019
  • Costumes for Real Bodies, Larp Design, 2019