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Morgan March
Morgan Jarl

Morgan March (formerly Jarl) is a Swedish larper, larp producer, larp theoretician and edu-larper.


He has been larping since 1992 and been a larp organizer since 1995. He organized 4 larger fantasy games and a host of Vampire games during the second part of the 1990s, after which he focused on theatre for 7 years. With Dragonbane, from 2006, he started organizing larps again. He made an attempt to make a living of larp organization during 2008 with the project Lajv från Skåne; including fantasy larps set in the game world Carn, children larps, modern day occult larps and a Vampire chronicle called Natt över Skåne. He started working as an edu-larper in late 2008 and have done so sporadically at Interaktiv Produktion, Østerskov Efterskole and LajvVerkstaden ever since. He is an avid workshop leader and usually will organize several program spots at Knutepunkt and Prolog.

Producer, co-producer and designer

Contributing organizer

Morgan have helped out at numerous larps in pretty much every conceivable function.


  • Beeing an Annarchist for 15 years, (2013) in the 2013 Knutebook.
  • When Our Destinies Meet, (2012)
  • Chreating a Character,(2009) in the 2009 Knutebook, Larp, the universe and everything.
  • The larp acting manifesto, (2009) in the 2009 Knutebook, Larp, the universe and everything.