Norwegian Prine

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Norwegian Prine
Designed byKjell Hedgard Hugaas
First run2018 (2018)


“Norwegian Prine” is an ongoing larp project that consists of several freeform/chamber larps inspired by different songs by the American songwriter icon John Prine. The project started in 2018.

All the larps deal with issues of loneliness, loss of love and of loved ones and loss of ability and self. They can be played separately of each other.

  • Hello In There - Written 2018, premiered 2019. - A larp about growing old.
  • Take The Star Out Of The Window - Written 2022, premiered 2022 - A larp about pride, glory, family, and war.
  • Summers End - Written 2022. - A larp about addiction.
  • The Great Compromise - Planned 2023. - A larp about the new normal of never ending war.