Hello In There

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Hello in there
Duration4 hours
Designed byKjell Hedgard Hugaas
Participants6 – 10
First run2019 (2019) at Spillerom

Hello In There.jpg


“Hello in there” is a larp about growing old, our bodies becoming frail and our minds fraying. It's an attempt to make us better situated to understanding and maybe even prepare us for the challenges that will eventually follow for many of us. It's not a larp that is meant to be comedic or funny beyond the way that ordinary life itself can be. In essence, let the character be the one laughing, not the player.

You are playing a circle of friends that formed when you all moved into the same neighbourhood during 1970–71. Some of you could have been friends longer, but the group as a whole did not come together in this configuration until fairly recently. You are all aged somewhere between 30 and 40. Some might be married, some might have kids, some might be straight, some queer. You are couples that are intertwined with the other couples in ways that will lead to you keeping in some kind of contact with each other as the years pass, but the majority of play will be within the couple.


Jan. 2019 - Trondheim, Norway

May. 2019 - Stavanger, Norway