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Prolog (Prologue) is an annual larp convention held in Västerås, Sweden organized by LajvVerkstaden and Lajvverket.


Prolog (Prologue) is an annual larp convention that aims to connect Swedish larpers from all different styles and cultures. Through meeting new people, attending great workshops and of course by playing all kinds of larps, attendees will be exchanging experiences and cross-polinate.

We aim to go as deep as possible in every aspect of larping, from classic fantasy to jeep-form avantgardism. To do this we create a program ranging from workshops in reenactment handicraft to creating and playing small yet intriguing free-from roleplaying scenarios. Our goal is to unify the Swedish larp society and to create a big sandbox for trying new things and evolving the whole movement.


  • Prolog 2009, Culturen, Västerås, 189 participants
  • Prolog 2010, Culturen, Västerås, 230 participants
  • Prolog 2011, Culturen, Västerås, 293 participants
  • Prolog 2012, Culturen, Västerås, 309 participants
  • Prolog 2013, Culturen, Västerås, 310 participants
  • Prolog 2014, Culturen, Västerås, 324 participants

Video documentation

Vad är lajvkonventet Prolog? (What is the larp convention Prolog?), in Swedish made prior to Prolog 2013.

Vad vill du uppnå med att åka på Prolog? (What's your goal of going to Prolog?), in Swedish from Prolog 2010.

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