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LajvVerkstaden (The Larp Workshop) is a Swedish company that works with larp as and cultural form and as an educational tool.

LajvVerkstaden organizes larps in schools. It also hosts the larp convention Prolog.

In 2012 LajvVerkstaden organized the second run of Just a Little Lovin'


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LajvVerkstaden (The LarpWorkshop) works with live roleplaying or larp as a cultural form and an educational tool. We design many different types of events – from serious games about democracy and oppression to playful larps in fantasy settings. Our projects are created in collaboration with schools, businesses and NGOs and are specifically designed to give participants access to a learning experience that reaches them not just on an intellectual level, but physically and emotionally as well.

The contents of the games generally cover specific factual knowledge (how do I make a budget?) but also extend to moral reflection (Am I obliged to help others in financial need?). We visit schools and work as educators in the classroom – but mostly, we bring students and teachers out of the school building, to visit other worlds.

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