Kateřina Morgain Holendová

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Kateřina Morgain Holendová has been playing and organizing larps in Czech Republic since 2003 and since 2007 she's been a member of the larp association Tempus ludi, z.s. She has experiences with wide range of larps - urban larps, chamber larps, dramatical larps and so on. When larping, she uses her nickname Morgain while her whole name is Kateřina Holendová.

In larp, she likes experimenting with various modes of telling stories and discovering new options. Her first big experiment was Dance Macabre – a dance larp, which was her first big attempt to combine dance and larp. She also codesigned the Cien Anos de Soledad larp, an experimental larp, which tested a number of new mechanisms for storytelling. Currently she works at Valley of Shadow - blues dance larp with two overlaping stories played at once and with different ways of expressing them.