If I Could See Your Face Again

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If I Could See Your Face Again
Duration4 hours
Designed byKjell Hedgard Hugaas & Karijn van der Heij
First run2021 (2021) at Stockholm Scenario Festival



If I Could See Your Face Again takes place in the small West Virginian mining town of Norton's Gully. Nestled deep in traditional coal country, this tiny town is a place where everybody knows your name, and where God, country, and family stands at the centre of everything.

Together, we will tell the story of how this tiny community reacts to an accident that leaves a skeleton crew of miners caught underground, and the rescue operation that gets set in motion to save them.

The families of the trapped miners are put to the test as both the national and international press centers on their lives, and create a spectacle of their plight and their community. Will the bonds of blood, love, and community be enough to pull them through? Or will they break and shatter under the strain?

You know there is little to no hope of rescue. What would you say if you knew it might be the last words you ever shared? How can you imagine never hearing their voice again? Never feeling their arms around you? How would you keep them alive in your mind, if you could never see their face again?