Stockholm Scenario Festival

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A freeform & larp convention held in Stockholm.

Stockholm Scenario Festival 2014 –

Held at Långholmen School in Stockholm Sweden in late fall of each year. 130+ participants from about 10 countries runs 20 – 30 games each year.


Original organisers 2013 – 2021 Anna Westerling and Anders Hultman

From 2022 the team has grown and there are different organisers for different parts of the Festival.

Project managers:

  • 2022 - Alexandra Hjortswang
  • 2023 - Mia Svärd

Stockholm Scenario Festival 2013

Held at Skarpnäcks Culturehouse in Stockholm, Sweden, 1–3 November 2013 with 28 scenarios and 130 participants from 6 countries.


  • Project management: Anna Westerling
  • Economy: Anders Hultman
  • Logistics: Jonatan Gedda and Björn Axén
  • Light and Sound: Olle Axén
  • Contact participants and living arrangements: Maria Ljung
  • Rising Stars: Tobias Wrigstad, Fredrik Åkerlind and Anna Westerling
  • Sign-up system: Andreas Ekeroot, Anders Hultman and Tobias Wrigstad
  • Graphical design: Lotta Westholm

Video documentation

Documentation from 2013 by Petter Karlsson.

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