Mad About the Boy

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Mad About the Boy
Date2010 (2010)
Designed by

Mad About the Boy was a game run two times in Norway in 2010 inspired by the comic series Y:_The_Last_Man.

The game was organized by Tor Kjetil Edland, Margrete Raaum and Trine Lise Lindahl.

The first round of the game was run with only female participants (except one). In the second run men were allowed to participate, but would play female characters. The organizers published all character texts online, which has made unofficial re-runs possible. One such re-run was done in the Netherlands in the summer of 2011.

In October 2012, the game ran again in Connecticut, through a collaboration between the original Norwegian team and a US group, led by Lizzie Stark.

Another production was held in Västerås, Sweden in June 2013.


Mad about the Boy is a larp about survivors of a global disaster that killed more than half of humanity. An inexplicable disease killed all the men in mere minutes. The surviving women are facing not only the enormous task of rebuilding society, but also the possible extinction of humanity.

The world of the larp is inspired by the graphic novel Y the Last Man by Brian K. Vaughn and Pia Guerra. The larp does not use any characters or storylines from the graphic novel. Our story is about a group of women who have applied to an insemination program initiated three years after the disaster. As sperm has become a very precious resource, there are only a few women who will be given this privilege.


The production was run 2 times in Norway with 25 player in each game.

The all-women US run in 2012 had 31 players.


Video presentation

Presentation of the larp by Tor Kjetil Edland - Not Another Story About Boy Meets Girl from Nordic Larp Talks 2011.

Presentation of the larp by Morgan Jarl and Annika Waern at Prolog 2013.

Video documentation

Video documentation by Anna-Karin Linder from the first run of the larp.

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