Vi åker jeep

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We Go by Jeep
Vi åker jeep
FormationEarly 2000's

Vi åker jeep (We go by Jeep) is a game design collective that writes free-form games in the Jeepform-style.

Championing cheap, everyday drama with no props, their lively tabletop play style can be read as larping. Most of their output has been scenarios meant to be run at conventions, but there have been a few larger productions as well. Nowadays, with members in the USA

Indeed, the 2007 larp En stilla middag med familjen married the game master function, blackbox, act structure, and more into a continuous larp, that saw several runs, back-to-back.


Vi åker jeep is a group of Scandinavian role-players and game wrights pushing their style of play, known as jeepform to the rest of the civilised role-playing world.[1]

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