En stilla middag med familjen

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En stilla middag med familjen
A Nice Evening with the Family

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Designed by Anna Westerling, Anders Hultman, Tobias Wrigstad, Anna-Karin Linder, Elsa Helin and Patrik Balint.
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En stilla middag med familjen (A nice evening with the family) was a game run four times in Sweden in 2007. It featured characters from several theatre plays in the tradition of bourgeois drama, united as guests at the celebration from Vinterbergs film "Festen".

Each group of players read through the script pre-larp, and set up their own plan to realize the main plot-points of the play during the larp. Players were free to deviate from these plans, if they saw fit.

The larp is notable for successfully hybridizing larp, freeform and theatre, and for popularizing the notion of meta-techniques.


Video Documentation

Video documentation from game 1 and 4.

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