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What is an advert?
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If your Wikipedia page would be the best exposure you or your company or organization has ever had, it should not be on Wikipedia. An encyclopedia is not a place for a company, a product, a person, if it's not already notable.

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Promoting a person, product, service, company, or anything else on Wikipedia is not allowed. If the subject of a Wikipedia article benefits in any way from having an article on Wikipedia, then it's advertising.

An article might not look like an advert, but if it increases the public's knowledge about a person who will gain importance or fame such as a political candidate, or a rapper, or a start up company and its products, or another web site, or a new band, and if it helps the public to find them, then it's an advert. Wikipedia is created by and run by unpaid volunteers - many of them devote hundreds of hours of their free time to building this wonderful encyclopedia.

Using Wikipedia for advertising or promotion is strictly against official policy (see WP:SPAM). If your article reads like an advertisement and/or is about a subject that isn't very clearly notable, it will most likely be deleted very quickly.

  1. Review your intentions. If you're here to tell readers how great something is, or to get exposure for an idea or product that nobody's heard of yet, you're in the wrong place. It's not for company start ups, a new band, or a record, book, or movie that has not been released yet.
  2. Don't make a new article for your own product or website, or about yourself. Most often, when a person creates a new article describing his or her own work, it's because the work is not yet well-known enough to have attracted anyone else's attention, much less reliable sources. Articles of this sort are usually deleted. Wikipedia does indeed have articles about genuine celebrities, popular products, and Web sites, but it is not acceptable to use Wikipedia to popularize them.

If you have a conflict of interest in relation to your proposed subject,

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You could post at Wikipedia:Requested articles
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You could describe your subject on the talk page of a more general article (its field or genre or town)
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You could explore other ways to contribute to Wikipedia

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