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Is there already an article?

The Nordic Larp Wiki has 473 articles, so it is possible that the subject you're thinking of may already be covered. The article could use an alternative spelling, capitalization, or transliteration; it may be under an alternative name or expression; or the subject may be included as part of a broader article.

If you haven't already done so, search below for alternative titles under which your subject might be covered already, then come back to this page. Make sure you've thoroughly searched for alternative titles.

Yes, my proposed article already exists under a different name   (submit a redirect)

No, my proposed article doesn't already exist on Nordic Larp Wiki   (continue with the wizard)

Is the subject suitable for Nordic Larp Wiki?

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Did you know?

Pages that don't meet our requirements will be deleted quickly. You can avoid this by following this wizard carefully.

Even if your proposed subject isn't covered already, not everything is suitable for this encyclopedia. Articles on Nordic Larp Wiki are kept and deleted based on an established series of guidelines, called "notability guidelines". These determine what is and what is not suitable for Nordic Larp Wiki. Notability guidelines will be covered in more detail in the next step of this wizard.

Please do not submit articles that are about:

If you feel you, your organization, your friend, band, or site are notable, please consider asking a neutral third party (ideally an uninvolved Nordic Larp Wiki editor who has edited similar articles) for their opinion before proposing an article on the subject. If you are unsure of the notability of your article, please feel free to ask at the help channel on Wikipedia's Live Help Channel.

Remember that the people who review the articles submitted through this wizard are all volunteers, so please don't waste their timemake every effort to determine that your proposed topic is notable.

What is your proposed article about?

To continue, click on one of the options below:

I'm writing about a company, organization or foundation I'm writing about myself I'm writing about someone else I'm writing about a website I'm writing about a new phrase/word I'm writing about a recent event I'm writing about a musical artist, group, album, or song I'm writing an article about something else I want to create a redirect to another article