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Returns a person's date of death.

Using this template rather than simply inserting the date into articles allows for the inclusion of hidden metadata about the date. This metadata can be used by web browsers and other software tools to extract the details, and display them using some other website or mapping tool, index or search them.

Range, Calendar

Since the data is emitted in the ISO 8601 format, the calendar must be the Gregorian calendar; the first acceptable year is 1583, the last acceptable year is 9999 (which would only be a concern for fictitious characters).


To display the death date only

{{Death date/doc|year of death|month of death|day of death|additional parameters}} where the month, day, and year are in the Gregorian calendar. Use of this template with non-Gregorian dates creates false hidden metadata.


{{Death date|1993|2|4|df=yes}} returns "(1993-02-04)4 February 1993"
{{Death date|1993|2|4|mf=yes}} returns "(1993-02-04)February 4, 1993"

Note: The template will appear broken when the parameters are left blank.

"day first" (df) and "month first" (mf) options

The df (day first) and mf (month first) parameters indicate the intended date format to display. The appropriate parameter should be set to "y" or "yes" e.g. df=yes or mf=y.

Date order varies by region. See MOS:DATEFORMAT and MOS:ENGVAR for guidance on which regional style is appropriate. The default output of this template is to display the month before the day.

The parameter "mf" will indicate that month first format is intended. Using these parameters can assist bots or other automated processing to detect which date format is intended; leaving the format as default may lead an editor or bot to change the format to an unintended value.

Do not specify both "df" and "mf" parameters in the same use of the template, as these formats are mutually exclusive.


{{Death date | 1993 | 2 | 24 | df=yes }} displays "24 February 1993".
{{Death date | 1993 | 2 | 24 | mf=yes }} displays "February 24, 1993".


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