Taste of Intimacy

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Taste of Intimacy is a meta-technique for simulation of sex or intimacy through feeding each other.

The idea is basically the act of feeding your romantic partner by putting peace of food in their mouth as a simulation of intimate act. It can mean different levels of intimacy for different games.incorporates other is strongly based on Game Master interference in the game. It is based on the intention to incorporate perception of taste in the game design to creat specific feeling of it while maintaining safe space in the game. It is usually necessary to ensure there is enough food available everywhere in the location.


This technique was used in Cien Años de Soledad larp where sex was simulated by feeding each other caramel lolipop. These loliops were scatered everywhere around the venue to make them easily accessible for players.

Other example was chamber larp inspired by Midsummer Night's Dream (2011), where feeding each other with available fruit was ment to sstand for a kiss.