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The essence of a marble structure is to regard a game-location including the characters present as placeholders for clues.
Like a marble in a closed bag of marbles are the clues hidden from view.
Every encounter either with the environment like is regarded as a possible situation that would give the player access to another clue. This could be a character(not player), objects, piece of scenography or even a view of the landscape that gives the player a clue on how to solve a prewritten puzzle or mystery.
The trick is that a player would need a minimum number of clues before being able to realize the hidden truth.
Also usually there are at any given game parallell storylines.
As the metaphor the bag of marbles have several colors of marbles.
How many do you have to draw to have 5 of the same color?
This is a classic mathematic problem related to organic structures.
(a topic [[Erlend Eidsem Hansen]] studied during his early years in object oriented computer programming.)
(compared to fates that explains everything:)


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