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'''2027 - Livet efter kapitalismen''' (2027 - Life after capitalism)) was an attempt at a utopian larp from [[2012]]. Set in the time span from 2012 to 2027 and over several different locations, both in-game and off-game, it tried to tell the story of a Learning Community in an libertarian socialist, participatory economic and permacultural society. <br>
==Setting and Themes==
Utopian themes and positive drama.
The game uses an [[Epic Dramaturgy]] with a heavy use of [[Black Box|black boxing]] combined with a [[360º]] runtime game.
==Techniques==* [[category:LarpsDebriefing]]* [[Participatory Culture]]* [[Pre-game Workshop]]* [[Safewords]] ([[Kutt]],[[Brems]],[[Check-in]])* [[Slow take-off]] & [[Slow Landing]]* [[Black Box]]* [[Time Jump]]  ==External links==* 


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