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|name=2027 - Livet efter kapitalismen
|date=2012-10-03 to 2012-10-07
|location=Nyköping, Katrineholm and Flen
|name=2027 - Livet efter kapitalismen
|english_name=2027 - Life after capitalism
|duration=97 hours (4 days)
|homepage_link_text=2027 webpage
|full_credits=Designed by [[Morgan Jarl]], [[Gabriel Widing]], [[Annika Lykta]] and [[Anders Nilsson]].
|budget=ca 170000 skr
|participation_fee=900 sek full price, 600 sek consetions, 300 sek functionaries
|major_backers=Allmänna Arvsfonden (the Swedish Inheritance fund)
The game uses an [[Epic Dramaturgy]] with a heavy use of [[Black Box|black boxing]] combined with a [[360º]] runtime game.


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