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*'''[[Nox Fera]]''' - together with Karin Fonnaland. Nox Fera was a Vampire the Requiem larp run 2009-2011 2009–2011 in Uppsala, Sweden.
*[[Last will|'''Last will''']] - together with [[Annica Strand]] and [[Sofia Stenler]]. Last Will was a dystopian near-future larp tackling themes of slavery, poverty and human values. The larp was run two times, one in 2014 and again in 2015.
*'''Debt or Deliverance''' - together with [[Annica Strand]] and [[Sofia Stenler]] . This is a black box larp written as a prelude to Last Will. It was set up as a stand-alone in 2013 and then at Prolog and Grenslandet in 2014.

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