Frida Gamero

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Frida Gamero

Frida Gamero is a larper and organizer from Sweden. She has been active in the larp scene since 1995 with numerous projects under her belts. She is passionate about storytelling, feminism and politics but also about the simple hobbit life, cats and tea.


  • Nox Fera - together with Karin Fonnaland. Nox Fera was a Vampire the Requiem larp run 2009–2011 in Uppsala, Sweden.
  • Last will - together with Annica Strand and Sofia Stenler. Last Will was a dystopian near-future larp tackling themes of slavery, poverty and human values. The larp was run two times, one in 2014 and again in 2015.
  • Debt or Deliverance - together with Annica Strand and Sofia Stenler . This is a black box larp written as a prelude to Last Will. It was set up as a stand-alone in 2013 and then at Prolog and Grenslandet in 2014.
  • Fight Like A Girl - together with Susanne Vejdemo and Karin Fonnaland. A cyberpunk larp about the suffragette war of the 22nd century.