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The Sollentuna Group
  • Sollentuna, Sweden

Sollentunagruppen was an early Swedish larpwright and organizer collective, based in Sollentuna, outside Stockholm.

Sollentunagruppen were among the first larpwright groups in central Sweden to run fantasy games for more than 100 participants. The collective was at the time known for their craftmanship, competitiveness and artistical ambitions. They developed a friendly rivalry with another collective based in nearby Bromma (Nocke ting). Among the founders of Sollentunagruppen were Andreas Dahlström, Daniel Chilla and Henrik Summanen. Members and associates of this collective went on to start the larp magazine Fëa Livia. Friends and associates were also among the founders of the larpwright and organizer collective Ett glas (Mozews Fusion 1993, Trenne byar 1994).

Larps by Sollentunagruppen