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Nocke ting was an early Swedish larpwright and organizer collective, based in Nockebyhov in Bromma, outside Stockholm.

Nocke ting were among the first larpwright groups in central Sweden to run fantasy games for more than 100 participants. The collective was formed from out of a tabletop role-playing group, and were at the time known for their soft, inclusive attitude, as well as their theatre influences and their focus on narrative. They developed a friendly rivalry with another collective based in nearby Sollentuna (Sollentunagruppen, Orodons ord 1991), and with an early generation of larp organizers from Örebro (Blå Bergen-gänget, Äventyr i Blå Bergen 1992). Among the founders of Nocke ting were David Tell, Ralf Lindgren, Malin Strid and Veronica Almström. In 1993, Nocke ting joined Sverok as Nockes lajvförening, and in 1996 changed their name to Lilla gillet. At around this time, the group transformed into a crafting, gaming and socializing society. Some old members continued on, some remained, and many new were included.

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