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Really Really is an intrusive meta-technique that is used to represent vampire powers called disciplines. It was first used in the first official White Wolf larp End of the Line in 2016.

It was developed by Bjarke Pedersen, Juhana Pettersson and Martin Ericsson.

The Really Really mechanic is, in its original format, a two part system consisting of a code phrase and a hand movement. The combination of the two, signals to the player that a supernatural power is being used.

From the Vampire Player's guide for End of the Line:
"The mechanics is a two part system. A hand signal and a code phrase. These two combined will alert the person being affected that something is happening.

The hand signal is used for all active powers. If somebody stare into your eyes and grab the back of your neck, then you cannot look away and you will hear a command (which is the code phrase).

The code phrase will always include the word REALLY two times. You will then do that command for 10 minutes or until you are told to stop. When the time has gone, you really don’t know why you did the thing. You will not think you have been manipulated, but brush it off with you being drunk or making a bad call.

Vampires affected might know they have been manipulated, but not always.

Examples of powers:
“You really really fear me”
You become very afraid of that person for 10 minutes.
“You really really want to sit on my lap”
You sit on her lap for up to 10 minutes.
“You really really want to tell me how you feel right now.”
You spill your emotional guts on how you feel for 10 minutes or until you have nothing more to say.
“You really really want to tell me who you are”
You tell everything about you for 10 minutes or until you have nothing more to say.
“You really really want to tell me what you are”
You tell if you are human, vampire or ghoul."

An important part of the meta technique was that, to be able to use your power, you had to feed on blood within a few hours before. And feed on specific kinds of blood for the different disciplines:
- Feeding from a forgotten, lonely or homeless person fuels Obfuscate.
- Drinking deep from someone that lusts or loves fuels Presence.
- Ingesting the blood of those that have suffered terrible injuries fuels Fortitude.
- Consuming rage-blood from someone who is pissed off and full of adrenaline fuels Potence.
- Drinking from the stressed out and the physically exhausted fuels Celerity.

A modified version is being used at the larp Convention of Thorns.