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Off-game is a state for elements that are outside of the game. It is contrasted with in-game, which instead encompasses all the elements that are in the game. It is similar to non-diegetic.

Objects are considered off-game if they do not fit within the established fiction of the game, such as modern camping gear in a medieval fantasy setting. During play most players actively avoid and ignore elements that are off-game, as they disrupt the individual establishment of fiction. 360º illusion can be seen as an attempt to abolish all off-game elements from play.

Individuals can also be said to be off-game or "out of character", if they act as themselves and not their character during play. It is usually frowned upon, especially if the reasons for being off-game is not related to the game at all.

Many newer techniques make use of brief off-game elements to improve the play, such as players entering the meta room to discuss their play off-game or even structured off-game time, as well as cues during play that are not part of the fictional world.