Nina Runa Essendrop

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Nina Runa Essendrop


Nina Runa Essendrop (born 1984) is a Danish larper and scenario writer. She has a background in drama and theatre.

Nina Runa Essendrop has written scenarios for Danish conventions and for the festival Blackbox CPH.
She is currently engaged in introducing the methods of Nordic Larp to theatre and performing arts communities. In the spring of 2014, she contributed to a workshop with British performer Adam James[1]. In August 2014, she is re-running her scenario “Hvid død” (“White Death”) with artist Carla Burns. She has also participated in several of American artist Brody Condon’s works.

Essendrop has instituted the workshops “Leg med metoder” (“play with methods”) in Copenhagen, which are a series of sessions that explore different physical meta mechanics to be used in role-playing games.