Hvid Død

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Hvid Død
White Death

Full credits
Nina Runa Essendrop, Simon Steen Hansen
6 hours
Number of players per run

Hvid død is a Blackbox larp focusing on non-verbal physical play. It portrays an allegorical story of settlers trying to set up a community, but breaking apart and dying one by one. The play uses physical restrictions and symbolic props as a central mechanics, as well as a theatric lighting and a thematic soundscape.


Hvit død was the first larp in the Nordic tradition where the players are not allowed to talk at all. At the same time, the scenario sticks to a set, stylized story where the players explore the details. Hvit Død has been influental to larps such as I know you are but who am I?, The Heist, Inside myself outside myself and Beginning.


The game begins with a workshop wherein various styles of movement are explored by the players, before they create characters from randomly drawn limitations on their movements and preconceptions of others. Play is continuous, but cycles between musical periods and "snowstorms" where characters die and are transformed into White Ones who dance and move freely, while attempting to free more characters until none are left. During play three different kinds of symbolic props enter play symbolizing hope, survival and faith respectively.

The game was influenced by Vrøvl and has been run at Blackbox CPH, The Larpwriter Summer School and Grenselandet and several times in Stockholm and at Prolog by Frida Karlsson Lindgren, who has made her own modifications to it.