Nästa station: Kymlinge

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Nästa Station Kymlinge
Seven people sitting in chairs seen mostly in silhouette in a dark room with a red light and projection of a train on the wall.
English nameNext Stop: Kymlinge
Designed by
Other creators
First run2012 in Stockholm, Sweden

Nästa station: Kymlinge (Next Stop: Kymlinge) is black box larp designed and written by Sofia Stenler and Annica Strand with Annika Lykta as poetical input and game master.

The larp was set up for the first time in Stockholm in 2012 and has since then been run several times at larp conventions such as Prolog and Grenselandet but also as a stand-alone in Stockholm.


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It's an ordinary day. You are on the train on your way in to Stockholm, the scenery swooshes past outside the window. Then something happens, it is sudden and yet you feel like it has happened before. It has always happened.

Together with the other passengers on the train you will have to face your destiny and make some hard and soul defining decisions. Time is eternal, yet running out. Can you define it's value?