Linda's Birthday Party

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Linda's Birthday Party
Duration2-4 hours
Designed by
First runat Knutepunkt 2009

About the larp

Linda's Birthday Party is a larp about childhood, cake, presents and balloons. It is a short chamber game where the players can show up unprepared.

The game has been described by a player as ".. hilariously fun and very liberating. "

The larp was originally written for Knutepunkt 2009.


  • Workshop before the game: How to play a child, childlike body language and kids party games.


Linda's Birthday Party has been run several times:

  • First run at Knutepunkt 2009 (Oslo, Norway)
  • In cooperation with Laivfabrikken Oslo in 2009 (Holmlia, Norway)
  • In 2015 (Tregde, Vest-Agder)


Linda's Birthday Party was made by Mona Liland Aabel, Grethe Sofie Bulterud Strand and Kaia Aardal.

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