Knutepunkt 2009

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Knutepunkt 2009

Knutepunkt 2009 was a Knutepunkt-conference held outside Oslo, Norway April 16–19, 2009 (2009-04-16 – 2009-04-19).


The conference had 220 participants from 15 countries.


For the conference, one Knutepunkt-book was published: Larp, the Universe and Everything It was edited by Matthijs Holter, Eirik Fatland and Even Tømte and layouted by Li Xin


Håken Lid, Erlend Eidsem Hansen, Eirik Fatland, Even Tømte and Hanne Grasmo contributed throughout the planning process. In addition about 15 volunteers helped out during the event itself.


Knutepunkt 2009 received funding from

  • The Nordic Art Council
  • The Norwegian Art Council
  • The Nordic committee for Children and Youth activities
  • The Norwegian organization for Children and Youth organizations (Through Hyperion)
  • The Norwegian Theatre association
  • Frifond Teater
  • Ravn