Katrin Førde

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Katrin Førde is a Norwegian larper, larp writer and organizer. She is one of the contributors to #Feminism: A Nano-Game Anthology. She was one of the organizers of Knutepunkt 2013 and Knutepunkt 2017. Katrin Førde is also one of the organizers of the chamber larp festival Grenselandet.

Larpwright (designer/co-designer)

  • Kardemomme Noir (2014)
  • Stille Natt / Silent Night (2015)
  • First Date - #Feminism: A Nano-Game Anthology (2016)
  • Oslo By Night - Første laiv (2018)
  • Oslo By Night - Andre laiv (2018)
  • Oslo By Night - Tredje laiv (2018)

Produced larps

Larp manuscripts

  • Play the Cards