Fade to Grey

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Fade to Grey
Duration4-6 hours
Designed by
First runJune 11, 2011 (2011-06-11) at Laivfabrikken Oslo

About the larp

Fade to Grey is a larp about the summer party where passion was lost. A group of celebrities, artists, writers and politicians of importance meets at a garden party for the cultural elite. They toast in champagne, nibble at canapes and converse, but below the surface, emotions and conflicts roam free.

During the course of the game, all characters turn "grey", they lose the ability to engage emotionally in what happens. Fade to Grey thus explores what happens to conflicts and relations as the characters involved stop caring about them. The larp is an experiment in reversing the drama curve of the traditional larp.

The original idea is inspired by the movie The Bothersome Man.


  • The basic characters are extended and fleshed out during a pre-game workshop, together with the relations between them.
  • During the game, scenography is gradually changed from colorful to black and white as the game progresses. This change was incorporated through food and drinks, costumes, decorations and music.
  • Each character wears one single colorful garment, which is removed when the character turns grey.


Fade to Grey has been run twice:

  • First run at Laivfabrikken on June 11, 2011 (Oslo, Norway)
  • A redesigned version was run at Grenselandet on November 24, 2012 (Oslo, Norway)


Fade to Gray was made by Martin Eckhoff Andresen, Caroline Myhrvold, Lasse Lundin and Ane Marie Anderson.