Colours of Relationships

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Colours of Relationships is a technique used in strongly pre-written game to incorporate some type of secrecy and unexpected developement of story for players.

This technique is strongly based on Game Master interference with the story of the game. In strongly pre-written game players know about relationships in the future of their characters without knowing to which exact character will they feel the emotions and share the relationships. But they are informed what collor of clothing or accessory will symbolise what kind of emotions and relationships. Game Masters then give players parts of costumes and accessories leading the game to intended direction. This mechanic can be used to incorporate some level of unexpected turn outs and surprises in otherwise strongly pre-scribed fateplay.


This technique was used in Cien Años de Soledad larp to create unexpected turns in quite complicated story leading characters to break each other's harts without any explanation and through that opening space for interpretation and reinterpretation of characters motives and acts.