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| number_of_players_total=189
|duration=4 days
|duration=4 days

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Logotype for "Skymningsland"

Skymningsland (Duskland) was a larp run in Hällekis, Sweden in 2010 (at the same site as Futuredrome) as a follow-up to Ingenmansland. It was designed by Olle Nyman, Sebastian Utbult, Andreas Sjöberg, Johannes Axner, Anna Sorrti and Jenny Fornell. Other crew included Cecilia Dolk, Anna-Karin Linder and Viktor Malmberg.


189 players in one run, for 4 consecutive days of larping, plus one mandatory day of preparations and one day of cleanup.

Setting and Themes

Kitchen sink realism in a post-apocalyptic Sweden. The backdrop was a refugee camp/frontier camp under a ruthless capitalist system. Primary themes were exploitation, oppression, sex and sleaze, trauma and rebellion.



Video presentation

Presentation about the project by Olle Nyman, Johannes Axner and Sebastian Utbult at Prolog 2010.

Ingame footage

Video Documentation

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