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In the mainstream fields of entertainment and art, the "viewer" is a passive consumer of the product, be it a painting, a stage play, a movie or even some larps; the communication is often one-way from "creator" to "consumer", and the viewer is supposed to consume the work, not influence or change it. Participatory Culture, as a concept, aims to change the consumer or viewer into a participant; to establish two-way communication.

In larp, Participatory Culture often strive to involve the participants in all aspects of creating the game; perhaps most commonly by encouraging them to edit and flesh out the narrative background and/or the dramaturgy or plotlines of a larp. Getting more and more common in the Nordic larp scene is games where participants have almost complete control over both narrative and plot, with the organizers merely "curating", or providing more or less rigid frameworks and the logistics of the game.

Examples of participatory culture in nordic larp

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