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Blackbox CPH is a Danish festival for small experimental blackbox-style larps. The first Blackbox CPH took place in the blackbox stage at Huset i Magstræde on the weekend from March 2nd to 4th in 2012, and was organized by Jesper Heebøll Arbjørn and Nina Runa Essendrop. The second was held October 5th to 7th. The third November 22nd to 24th in 2013. The fourth is planned for November 21st to 23rd in 2014.

The organizers' vision for the Blackbox festival was to merge lighting, sound and stage effects from theatre with the techniques from the mini-larps that had long been a part of traditional Danish roleplaying conventions.

Blackbox CPH I - March 2012 Scenarios

Blackbox CPH II - October 2012 Scenarios

Blackbox CPH III - November 2013 Scenarios

Blackbox CPH IV - November 2014 Scenarios

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