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Please follow these steps.

  1. Read this introduction carefully.
  2. Find your sources and list them on this page. Submit the draft for review.
  3. Once a volunteer reviewer comments that the sources are ok, write the draft contents. Submit the draft for review.
  4. Once a volunteer approves the draft, you may keep editing it after it is published.


  • Please note: Once you click the "save" button, your draft is saved in a public drafting area. You may continue to work on your draft as long as you like; there is no deadline.
  • If the draft is declined, you will still be able to edit it. It is simply not ready for publishing.
  • When you feel your draft is ready to become an article, you can request a review (or a re-review). To do so, edit your draft, by clicking on its “Edit” link, and add {{subst:submit}} at the beginning of your draft.