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Eliot Wieslander grew up in Malmö, Sweden during the eighties. At age 13 Eliot heard of roleplaying games and interested. Ever since age 16, when it was finally possible to try, Eliot's been hooked. As a tabletop role-player Eliot started the organization Tomtar och troll, organized the roleplaying con Sydcon in 1995 and 1996 together with Christoffer Krämer. This was the starting point for the cons deep interest in freeform games and prioritizing designers over players. In 1995 Eliot was the first woman to chair a region of Sverok, the national Swedish gaming organization. Between 1996 and 1998 they was the first woman to chair the national organization. Her legacy where primarily to reorganize the regional structure, to computerize the organization and to battle the then very large media and political opposition to roleplaying in Sweden.

Eliots first larp was in 1991 and part of the "adventure guild" of the local Tolkien society, Angmar. Since then she has participated at and organized larps, most notable the 2003 game Mellan himmel och hav, that set out to explore new areas of gaming and succeeded in adding the politically explicit games to the Nordic Game fauna. To enable the game Eliot constructed some methods that has since then been used in other contexts, among them the Ars Amandi method.

Eliot has written about larp both in Fëa Livia and various books related to the nordic larpconvention Knutpunkt/Solmoukohta.