The Tribunal

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The Tribunal
Duration2 hours
Designed byJ. Tuomas Harviainen
First runNovember 19–20, 2010 (2010-11-19 – 2010-11-20) in Oslo, Norway

The Tribunal is a larp scenario written by J. Tuomas Harviainen for the first Larpwriter Challenge in 2010. It was chosen as the winner and was credited for reaching it's design goal of being a game about the mechanics of oppression in an elegant and easy to grasp design. The character design was applauded for being particularly effective in how it establishes distinctive characters for a short game of this type.

Harviainen received a game developer grant of NOK 4 000 and the possibility to go to Minsk, Belarus to a conference on educatinal larping to hold the game and a workshop on educational game design. The game, along with several other contributions, was also translated to Russian and/or Belarusian to be used by Belarusian NGOs in their work with young people.


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