The Manifest Sunday

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The Manifest Sunday (Söndagsmanifestet in Swedish) is a larp manifest published in The Book, the companion publication from Knutepunkt 2001 written by Emil Boss, Martin Rother-Schirren, Gabriel Widing, and Tobias Wrigstad.

Original Text

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The Story

The story is central for every work. The story is constituted by a set of not necessarily consecutive events, with one higher purpose embracing the whole work, a message.

The Character

All characters are to be created and interpreted with the intent of serving the story's purpose. The character and the actor are different entities, even during the enactment. Any input must be directed to either the character or the actor.


Every individual is responsible for her own actions towards herself and others on the character level as well as the actor level. Furthermore, all participants share an equal responsibility for the progress of the story in accordance with higher purpose. All participants shall take the work and all activities concerning the work seriously.

Who are we to silently stand by and watch the decline of the Scandinavian LARP/RPG scene? In this manifesto is gathered a few points which should prove obvious to an intelligent reader. We are not determined to make a revolution< these points clearly dictates that the story be central for every work and that all other concepts of LARP/RPG be created with the intention of serving the purpose.

So be it.


5th February 2001

Emil B.

Martin B.

Gabriel W.

Tobias W.