Terra Incognita

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Terra Incognita
Black text on white background saying Terra Incognita
Organized byBerättelsefrämjandet
DateApril 12, 2013 (2013-04-12)
Duration17 hours
LocationBerghems medeltidsby, Skillingaryd, Sweden
  • Run 1: 15
  • Run 2: 15
Participation fee55-95 (depending on income)
Designed by
Followed by
Mare Incognitum

Terra Incognita was a lovecraftian mythos horror larp set in the Swedish 1920s. The larp had 15 pre-written characters and was an invite-only larp. A first round of larpers received an invitation snail mail with a code to access the web page, and once you paid for your participation you could invite other players. The larp was set up in two runs, stretching Friday afternoon to Saturday morning, and Saturday afternoon to Sunday morning.

Setting and Themes

Horror and mystery in a Lovecraft Mythos setting, in 1920s Sweden.


An anthropologist from Uppsala University had gone missing near a remote village in Dalarna, Sweden, and a few months later an expedition was set up to travel there, find the missing anthropologist and investigate his findings. When they arrived the village was abandoned, and things quickly started becoming strange.

Production crew

Designers and game-masters: Sebastian Utbult, Olle Nyman

Food: Jonas Sunnegård Karlsson

Vegetarian food: Johan Hector

Props: Anna Sortti, Tobias Johansson

Paper props: Mattias Svendsen, Li Melus, Emma Joëlson

Technology: Jon Rundlöf, Fredrik Enmark

Rigging: Jonas Aronsson, Sofia Alonzo

NPC's: Daniel Krauklis, Michael Hemmingsson, Fredrik Ulvstig, Leo Kaiko Gustafsson


The production had 30 participants split in two larps during one weekend. The larp started at 15:00 in the after noon and ended at ca 08:00 in the morning the next day.

  • Game 1 - April 12–13: 15 participants
  • Game 2 - April 13–14: 15 participants


Some of the props for the game also had an attached envelope containing an MP3-player. On the MP3 player was a recorded "dream sequence" or "vision" related to the story or the prop itself, and the player could chose to take the MP3 player and listen to it when they saw fit. After the game ended players also received one of two newspaper articles as a handout, depending on overall performance of the expedition (one basically stating that the expedition survived, the other stating that the expedition was lost).


Video Documentation

Petter Karlsson video documentation.

Kalle Lantz short video report from the larp (in Swedish).

Photo Documentation

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