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Template:YMD to ISO converts a date in YMD format (e.g. 2000 January 17) to ISO 8601 format (e.g. 2000-01-17). Any input which is not a valid DMY date is passed through unchanged. This template is designed to preprocess dates for use with the #time parser function, which is unable to convert YMD dates, and for use with templates such as {{Date}} or {{ISO date}} which are implemented using the #time parser function.


{{YMD to ISO | <date in YMD format> }}


Full month names

  • {{YMD to ISO| 2000 January 17 }} → 2000-01-17
  • {{YMD to ISO|2000 February 29}} → 2000-02-29
  • {{YMD to ISO|2001 February 28}} → 2001-02-28
  • {{YMD to ISO|2000 december 17}} → 2000-12-17
  • {{YMD to ISO|2000 DECEMBER 17}} → 2000-12-17

Abbreviated month names

  • {{YMD to ISO|2000 Sep 1}} → 2000-09-01
  • {{YMD to ISO|2000 Sept 1}} → 2000-09-01
  • {{YMD to ISO|2000 Sept. 1}} → 2000-09-01
  • {{YMD to ISO|2000 dec 1}} → 2000-12-01
  • {{YMD to ISO|2000 DEC. 1}} → 2000-12-01

Dates in other formats (unchanged)

  • {{YMD to ISO|1 December 2000}} → 1 December 2000
  • {{YMD to ISO|December 1, 2000}} → December 1, 2000

Used as input

With the {{#time}} parser function:

  • {{#time: r|{{YMD to ISO|2000 January 17}}}} → Mon, 17 Jan 2000 00:00:00 +0000
  • without {{YMD to ISO}}: {{#time: r|2000 January 17}}Error: Invalid time.

With the {{Date}} template:

  • {{Date|{{YMD to ISO|2000 January 17}}|dmy}} → 17 January 2000
  • without {{YMD to ISO}}: {{Date|2000 January 17|dmy}} → 2000 January 17 (not converted to dmy)

With the {{ISO date}} template:

  • {{ISO date|{{YMD to ISO|2000 January 17}}|dmy}}2000-01-17
  • without {{YMD to ISO}}: {{ISO date|2000 January 17|dmy}}Error: Invalid time.

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