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The {{Volume needed}} template functions as an in-line request for the specific citation of a volume and/or issue number in a serial publication such as a journal, newspaper or comic book. Do not use this tag in order to label statements which you suspect to be false. Instead, use a dispute template such as {{Dubious}}, or move those statements to the talk page and ask for evidence.

By default, it asks for both volume & issue number.

This tag will categorize tagged articles into Category:Articles with unsourced statements but not this template itself.

This template is a self-reference and so is part of the Wikipedia project rather than the encyclopedic content.


  • |date=May 2022   When the tag was added.
  • |issue=no   or |iss=no   or |i=no   Used in the unusual case that an issue is specified but the volume is missing. Note that some publication do not use issue numbers, though this is uncommon. Any value will work, e.g. |issue=false or |i=0.
  • |volume=no   or |vol=no   or |v=no   Used in the unusual case that an issue is specified but the volume is missing. Note that some publication do not have a volume number, though this is uncommon. Any value will work.

Journal and news usage

(In this example it is essentially flagging the fact that volume, issue number and month of publication are all missing, by including them as empty parameters that need filling; i.e., this example assumes that the original editor's citation omitted all of this information. Because of peculiarities of the {{cite journal}} and {{cite news}} templates, {{volume needed}} should go in those templates' |issue= field rather than |volume=, or it will be boldfaced.

Some text here.<ref name="Smith 2009">{{Cite journal
|title=The Unbearable Beingness of Light
|journal=Proceedings of the XYZ
|issue={{volume needed|date=May 2022}}
|location=[[New York City|New York]]
|publisher=Fnord Pubs




Some text here.[1]


  1. Smith, Jane (2009). "The Unbearable Beingness of Light". Proceedings of the XYZ. New York: Fnord Pubs (&#91, volume&nbsp, &amp, &nbsp, issue&nbsp, needed&#93, ): 47&ndash, 62.<templatestyles src="Module:Citation/CS1/styles.css"></templatestyles>

Comic book usage

Usage with {{Cite comic}} is the same as above, except {{volume needed}} must go in the |volume= field, or it will not be displayed, and the |c=y parameter & value must be added, so that flagged articles are categorized under Category:Comics articles needing issue citations instead of the more general Category:Articles with unsourced statements: {{volume needed|c=y|{{subst:DATE}}}}


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