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This template should be placed at the end of a citation if the article incorporates text from a work of the United States government that is not under copyright. It will add appropriate categories to the page, and provides a message for proper attribution.


...article text.<ref>SAMHSA "Some dry government document" (2017) {{usgovpd}}</ref>

This would display as

...article text.[1]

...and in the references section as


  1. SAMHSA "Some dry government document" (2017)  This article incorporates public domain material from this U.S government document.


While I frequently use US government works, I don't use the Template:US government sources family of templates, opting instead for {{PD-notice}}, because I don't like the way their message is formatted. I usually use {{sfn}} for citations. Obviously, I can't put extraneous text before the citation in a references list. I could put a notice at the bottom of the page somewhere, but I've never seen that on Wikipedia, and wouldn't know what section to put it under. In my opinion, it seems preferable to keep the notice with the citation, but placed after it, as I do with {{PD-notice}}. Hence this template. Daask (talk) 16:08, 16 July 2017 (UTC)

Future work

Ideally, this would accept a single parameter, which would be the name of a government agency, which would then place the article in the appropriate subcategory of Category:Wikipedia articles incorporating text from public domain works of the United States Government. <categorytree mode=categories depth=0>Wikipedia articles incorporating text from public domain works of the United States Government</categorytree>